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David Rocha Art

Thank you for viewing the page of my art. I learned to pencil draw while in solitary confinement for a year. I was in Santa Rita, waiting to be sentenced in the San Francisco Federal Court. During my last two years of my prison sentence, I was sent to Atwater Federal camp and it was in that place that I picked up a brush set and began painting with acrylic paint on canvas. It became a passion for me. I hope you enjoy this page, and maybe support my art by purchasing an original or limited edition giclee reproduction. Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy.
                                 David Rocha

Feel free to email me with any questions @

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2224 Pacific Ave, Stockton CA 95204



Some questions you might have about Fine Art painting.

I believe that so many would be interested in walking into a gallery, but feel awkward because you have not been educated or know enough information about the art world. I hope this will help you understand my art, and all art as well. There are so many great galleries in our cities and great artists. So here are some questions, and more importantly, some answers.

1. What is Giclee?

First of all, it is pronounced (Gee-Clay). It is a French word. A Giclee is a professional reproduction that all professional artists use in order to print their art on a high-quality paper or high-quality canvas. Many times only a limited edition is printed. Many times a Giclee canvas print is hand-signed by the artist even though it's a reproduction.

2. What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

This type of certificate always comes with a purchase of an art piece, whether a reproduction or the Original. It will usually state the artist's name, a signature, a photo of the art and will also state if it is an original or a numbered limited edition. 

3. Why do artists print reproductions?

This method is a great way to allow more than one person to own a piece of art

that many admire. It is also a way for the artist to share each piece of art with more than the one person that owns the

original. Yet, by limiting each Giclee print the new owner knows that they still own a rare painting, which adds value.


4. What do you mean when it says printed on paper?

Somerset Velvet paper is engineered to give the highest resolution and color saturation possible. It also has the following features and benefits: The authentic "look and feel" of high-quality watercolor paper Radiant white, velvet surface for rich details and vivid color reproduction 100% cotton rag for long term durability Acid-free, buffered cotton base ensures archivability

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