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Even though House of Rest was founded in May of 2011, it was conceived in the heart of Pastor David while serving an eight year sentence in Federal Prison. 

Having been raised in a Christian home, he grew up to rebel from God and follow his own path. This path led to an eventual prison sentence and it was there, while in solitary confinement, that David could no longer run away from God. After years of living recklessly and being arrested, he finally surrendered to Christ on Feb 25th, 2004. 

After being transferred from from Terminal Island Federal corrections, he was sent closer to home in Atwater CA. It was there that he enrolled in CLU and earned a degree in Biblical studies. In a dream, he was given the name, House of Rest by the Lord and the idea was born. 

After serving six years from his eight year sentence, He was released in 2010. He quickly began planning to fulfill the vision the Lord had given to him. Soon after he was credentialed with Grace International and the church began with his parents and a few friends as the congregation. 

In 2017, pastor David was married to Sharon Mendoza and they have both pastored the House of Rest along with Pastor Al and Lydia Bejarano 

House of Rest has become a training ground for so many in walking in their Identity in Christ, which has led to miracles, physical healing, salvation and demonic deliverance. The sermons are grounded in New man & New Covenant teachings that are found in the inspired Word of God. 

MAY 15, 2011
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