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Midst of My Confusion

Midst of My Confusion tells the story of a violent defiant and survivalistic Chicano whose reality in the barrio is intensely brutal. The main character is Joaquin, a young vato who has lived his entire life in the barrio of his small town. But the peace of a small town is short-lived. Fights occuring everywhere, so Joaquin and friends he's grown up witha ll bond together for protection, a gang. His destiny changes during a business trip to Mexico City. Joaquin encounters the effects of exploitation and marginaization of a people, and the forces that struggle to resist. He finds Zapatismo and quickly understands the struggle of Mexicans who fight for human rights and services. He wonders why he never knew about Chiapas. He wonders if he can still do right in his life. this realistic novel is one of possibilities, of reality as it pulls you into the life of the barrio, the life of a drug trafficker, and the life of a REVOLUTIONARY


Written by David Rocha

Available as an eBook on all digital book platforms


Also available as on Audiobook on Audible 

Now available 

as a paperback

revised 2019 edition

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