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House of Rest Church

House of Rest Church
Sermon: The Word of God is like RAIN
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Guest Speaker from Uganda Africa (We support missin)
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Pastor Moses from Uganda Africa
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Rise & Fall of Kings part 2
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Church service is now open with Guidelines

Sunday 10:00 am LIVE broadcast

Wednesday 7:00 pm LIVE broadcast

Thursday 7:00 pm Spanish Bible Study

Friday 7:00 pm Between the Lines Bible Study

Daily devotional on Youtube Monday through Friday

who are we?


is a Grace International Church that has over 3,500 churches worldwide. 

To learn more about Grace Intl, click on this link


House of Rest was planted in Modesto Ca in May of 2011. It's first service was held at in the banquet room of La Quinta Inn, Salida CA which is on the outskirts of Modesto CA. Since then it has grown organically by structuring itself as a house church within a building. 

Within a few weeks in the banquet room, the small church moved to the basement of Pastor David which was able to hold 22 chairs as he stood in the corner to preach. This created the tight community of family as individuals and families came to be a part of what God was doing in the city of Modesto. 

We have three motto's that we have repeated many times over the years. One is,

'Jesus Christ is the Senior Pastor of this church',

the second, 'we have a seat with your name on it'

and lastly, 'Before we are a church, we are a family.'

We invite you to be a part of something organic, biblical and loving. We want to know your name, your family and for you to know ours. 



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