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Parakletos Publishing

Parakletos Publishing came into existence for one purpose, and that is to glorify God. We feel it very important to reach the world through testimonies, teaching, and novels. Our books are available worldwide as paperback, eBook and Audiobook formats. Be a part of this movement by supporting the books we publish, and by reading it, allow the Holy Spirit to move and operate in your heart. Thank you. 

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Finally, an exhaustive yet simple study into the foundational Christian truth of identity. Many new believers come to the feet of Christ broken and shattered. They join a church or a group and rejoice in their new relationship with Jesus. Over time as they learn about God, the distance becomes further and further away from the Lord. This causes confusion and eventually alienation. This is due to the fact that denominations and churches across the world do an amazing job of teaching us who God is, but never bother to teach the believer who they truly are in Christ. This book will set you free as we put into perspective our true identity in Christ. You will learn how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and experience His Kingdom here on earth.

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