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PLBS Courses

These are the courses that will be available. (More will be added)

REN103 Communion With God  
BIB101 Pentateuch  
BIB102 History I - United Kingdom 
BIB103 History II - Divided Kingdom  
BIB104 Old Testament Poetry  
BIB105 Major Prophets  
BIB106 Life of Christ  
BIB107 Acts and Epistles  
BIB108 Epistles & Revelation  
COU202 Counseled by God  
COU301 Prayers That Heal the Heart  
MIN310 Experiencing God in the Small Group  
COU203 Cornerstones of Communication  
BIB390 Biblical Research Methods  
MIN415 Anointed Preaching  
WOR201 Theology of Worship  
LEA303 Developing the Leader Within 
HEA102 Take Charge of Your Health 
REN208 War in the Spirit 
BIB322 Isaiah  
EVA215 Miracle Evangelism  
REN220 What God Is Saying to the Church Today  
BIB380 Ephesians & Colossians  
COU305 Parenting by Grace  
BUS102 Fulfill Your Financial Destiny  
BUS301 Start & Succeed in Your Own Business  
BUS310 Recordkeeping for the Small Business  
LEA103 Gifted to Succeed  
THE121 Law and the Spirit  
REN204 Naturally Supernatural  
REN206 Increasing the Anointing 
LEA321 Visionary Leadership

Lamad - Real Life, Biblically grounded, Revelation based Learning.

Real Life - Birthed from real life issues and taught from real life experiences.

Biblically grounded - You see your life's experiences in the light of Scripture.

Revelation based - God speaks to you in each and every learning experience.

What is Lamad?

Lamad is a Hebrew-style learning rather than Greek-style detached learning. Lamad demands a Holy Spirit encounter, life encounter and personal encounter. This intensely practical focus brings about life transformation faster than any other approach. 

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