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PLBS - Who are we?

Who are we? We are an affiliate bible school for Christian Leadership University that is based out of (New York). We are offering the same courses through Parakletos Leadership Bible School within the city of Modesto and through online learning, wherever you may be. It is a great way to learn about the Lord and to be built up in your faith. The Parakletos Leadership Bible School is operated by a staff of believers that love the Lord and truly care about your education and spiritual growth. Each course is built upon hearing the voice of God in your life and being a leader for those around you. 


How do you sign up? To sign up is easy, fill out the form on this website and request to be enrolled. Our admissions advisor will set up a time to sit down with you, or set up a phone session to answer all of your questions.  

There is an enrollment fee and each course you take will have a fee for credits, textbooks, and videos.  

How much do the courses cost? Each course has a different price. Each course will include the textbooks, possibly DVDs or CDs if required for that course, and Syllabus emailed or printed to you. 

The courses are at your own pace with a 3-month deadline, although we recommend weekly progress be made through email with your instructor. Our goal is to help you advance your goal towards completion.  


What does the school offer as far as credentials?  Certificates in different concentrations are available. Here is the list of concentrations currently available.


  1. Pastoral Studies

  2. Biblical Studies

  3. Christian Counseling

  4. Divine Healing

  5. Evangelism

  6. Worship

Various colleges will accept a transcript from PLBS. Check for details. 

NOTE: PLBS utilizes course syllabi that are produced and copyrighted by Lamad Curriculum Developers.

Why should I attend Parakletos Leadership Bible School? These courses are designed for the individual that is not available for classroom learning due to work, children, and marriage. Also, many of the bible college courses that are available are either far in distance or too expensive and can reach as much as $350 to $1,000 a course. By attending our school, you will pay a fraction of the cost and have a local instructor whether in person or through zoom, at your side to help you be the leader that God called you to be.

Feel free to email us with any questions to

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