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Who are the Soul Riders?

Soul Riders is a group of average bike riders that love the interaction and encouragement of belonging to a group yet, might not have fellow riders living in their city, and or have different time schedules. When the founder, David Rocha began riding his bike, it was only out of boredom from using the cardio equipment at his local gym. So he bought a bike at Wal-Mart and began riding a full suspension mountain bike, pushing through one mile at a time. Once he built up the endurance to ride 3.5 miles, he began riding his bike to the gym as his way of getting cardio out of the way. Very quickly he noticed that he enjoyed the freedom of riding, and began to share with others in his family and church. Soon a small group formed of average riders, riding together regardless of the type of bike. Some had mountain bikes, hybrids, beach cruisers. Not one person in the group knew one thing about cycling, yet they continued to ride and have fun all while losing weight, and building a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Soon over time, it was realized that due to jobs, family commitments and life, that it was difficult to get together as a group to ride together, yet it was the group that gave each person encouragement, goals and fun challenges to push more, go more miles, ride faster. Also when family and friends from cities far and near saw what the group was doing on social media, they also wanted to get on a bike and begin to ride. This is what caused Soul Riders to be created. 

We found an phone app named MapmyRide. It was exactly what we had been looking for. An app that would track  miles, time, and speed and all while sharing it to everyone else in the group that also had the app. When one group member went for a ride, everyone else in the group would get an instant notification. Through the apps activity board, we were able to congratulate, share and comment on that members ride. It created a bike riding group that went beyond our city, our state and even out country. 

If this is something you would be interested in, please click on the link on HOW YOU CAN BE A SOUL RIDER. We would love for you to be a part of this movement. Just remember, you can do it, 1 mile at a time.